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SKU: FRC0188


AISI 304(18/08) Stainless Steel
Eco Friendly
No Drain Clogging
No Odour Drain
Easy Installation



Floor Traps Size: 300 mm,


Brand Name: Sanjay Chilly.

Product Type: Floor-Traps. 

Outside Pattern: Round. 

Model-Code: SCWDPG-300

Material: AISI 304(18/08) Stainless-steel. 

Size: 300 mm Shower Channel Wall Drainer Pure Gold.

Colour: Gold


 Cockroach there is a popular saying: "A good mind visits during an honest body." However, good energy is usually achieved only our surroundings are hygienically safe and sound. we all despise and abhor the unpleasant yet even voice household pest-the cockroaches, which are the carriers of an outsized number of disease-causing bacterias and viruses. No doubt, we always want to urge to obviate these underground creatures that make their way into our living areas. But can we have got a foolproof remedy this item is employed to say that taking the target of providing a hygienically safe environment a step ahead, we've unleashed before you a really innovative and globally acclaimed technology- the Sanjay chilly Cockroach Trap. The water lock composed by the connected behavior of water in between the two fitter layers keeps the cockroaches away since the cockroaches are powerless to cross a water bar. Long-Lasting Material Quality is good for a typical bathroom, the number of Materials is chrome steel the strong material, And smooth easy to place in, and clean. smooth and elegance so good safer to be used easily to scrub. Specially used for each quiet water outlet and system cockroaches and mosquitoes very easy to manage and fix easy to wash. High-Temperature smooth, No flow, Longer Life. This space is typically used and altered because the quality handle see fitting, making the very soft variety. 

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