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Easy Installation
Eco Friendly
No Drain Clogging
No Odour Drain

Floor Traps Size: 127 mm,


Brand Name: Sanjay Chilly. 

Product Type: Floor-traps.

Model-Code: SCCT-SCFC-127

Size; 127 mmX 127 mm.

Square Classic Flat Cut.

Material: AISI 304 (18/08) Stainless Steel.

 Color: Bright&Matt.


Long-Lasting Material Quality is good for a Standard bathroom, the Quantity of Materials is stainless steel the strong material, And smooth easy to install, and clean. smooth and design so good safer for use easy to wash. Specially used for all types of water outlet and Drainage System cockroaches and mosquitoes very easy to adjust and fix easy to wash. High-Temperature smooth, No flow, Longer Life. This space can be used and changed as the quality handle see fitting, making the very soft variety. The benefit of the drain covering than surface drain summarized in seepage control, reducing organic and non-organic pollution, helping to the resettlement, degrading disease ecology, pests, and aquatic weeds, also increasing land to use as a road. All of these benefits lead to an increase in the price of the surrounding area. The sole purpose of a drain cover is to prevent environmental contamination. Rainwater is typically carried through the drains to the nearest body of water, but unhappily, compounds can also make their way down the drain.  Pour a half cup of baking soda into the drain and follow it with two quarts of hot water. Baking soda is a great cleaning agent and will absorb foul odors, too. There are also specialized products, like Lemi Shine Disposal Cleaner, that use natural cleaning agents to freshen drains.

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