Tile Drainer Round (size -138mm)

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AISI 304(18/08) Stainless Steel
Eco Friendly
No Drain Clogging
No Odour Drain
Easy Installation

MATERIAL: AISI 304(18/08) Stainless-steel., AISI 304(18/08) Stainless,
Color Finishes: Chrome,
Color Finishes: Chrome,


Brand Name: Sanjay Chilly.

 Product Type: Floor-Traps. 

Outside Pattern: Round&Corner.

Model-Name: Tile Drainer Round 

Material: AISI 304(18/08) Stainless-steel. 

  (size -138mm)



  1. Long-Lasting Material Quality is sweet for a typical bathroom,
  2. the product of Materials is stainless-steel. the strong material, And smooth easy to put in, and clean.
  3. smooth and elegant so good design to be used easily to scrub.
  4. Specially used for each quiet water outlet and system cockroaches and mosquitoes very easy to manage and fix easy to scrub. High-Temperature smooth,
  5. No flow, Longer Life. This space is usually used and altered because the standard handle see fitting, making the very soft variety.

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