Allied | ALD-CHR-055N |Concealed Body for Single Lever Diverter 35mm |


Brand: jaquar


Easy Installation
Eco Friendly
Germ Free
Water Saving

Faucet Colors: Rose Gold,
Faucet material: Higher Durability (0.3μ Chrome + 10μ Nickel),, Higher Durability (0.3μ Chrome + 10μ Nickel), ,


Brand Name: Jaquar.

Product Type: Faucets

Model Code: ALD-CHR-055N

Size: Concealed Body for Single Lever Diverter 35mm Cartridge with Button Assembly, (Button On Top) But without Exposed Part.

Material: Higher Durability (0.3μ Chrome + 10μ Nickel)

Colour Finishes: [chorme]

[The finishes painted here are only characteristic and may differ from that on the original product]

Usage Areas: Bathroom


Jaquar faucets provide an excellent experience with their high-quality performance. Jaquar’s in-house, award-winning design team is well integrated into its approach and helps to supply over 1,25,000 faucets per day. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing units are backed by a world-class testing lab. That’s why Jaquar faucets conform to the very best quality and regulatory standards. Jaquar’s passion for perfection reflects within the 10 years of warranty it extends on its faucets. The faucets comprise 17 ranges to suit various design needs, besides an entire range of faucets with single-lever, quarter-turn, and multi-turn operation.

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