ORNO V-10004

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Brand: Varmora

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Ornado Flush
Siphonic System
Clean and Odour-free WCs
Easy Installation
Eco Friendly
Germ Free
Water Saving

MATERIAL: Ceramic,
Color Finishes: off-white, Alaska-White,


Brand Name:  Varmora.

Product Type: One Piece Water Closet.

Model Name: ORNO.

Code No: V-10004.

 One Piece Closet Size: 705x385x750
S Trap (9 & 12 Inch)

One Piece Closet Material: Ceramic.

color: Alaska White, Off-white.


One Piece Closet Material Quality is good. For a standard toilet, the approximate-in distance should equal within 9inches and 12 inches one Piece Closet material Quality is ceramic. the strong and Smooth Ceramic wash-Basins easy to install and clean.Smooth and Design and color so good smooth Lines, Curved Corners, Safer for Use.Easy to wash.High-Temperature smooth, No outflow, Longer Life. Wash with water and shampoo only. the bathroom and basin meant to be used outdoors in any parts, then the toilet is known as a one-piece closet toilet or also understood as a single-piece toilet. If the toilet and tank stand separate also assemble workings parts, this is because a one-piece toilet or also called a couple can one-piece toilet is easier to clean. After all, there are no ways or links between the toilet tank and the bowl. And it's a lot cleaner because there is no place for soil and to choose the Largest characters to choose one-piece design mainly for this reason. Choose whether or negative you need one toilet by a larger bowl that is toilets are the most common design created in the house now. Wash with water and shampoo only. While not coming in the bowl area white

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