DANIE V-1519


Brand: Varmora

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Ceramic Basin
Easy Installation
Eco Friendly
Water Saving

MATERIAL: Ceramic, ceramic,
Color Finishes: off-white, Alaska-White,
Color Finishes: off,


Brand Name:  Varmora.

Product Type: Wall Mounted Basins. 

Model Name: DANIE.

 Code No:  V-1519.

SIZE: 590x495x400mm. 

Material: Ceramic. 

color: Alaska White, Off-white. 


  1. ONE PIECE WALL HUNG BASINS Material Quality is good. For a standard toilet, basin material Quality is ceramic. the strong and Smooth Ceramic wash-Basins easy to install and clean.Smooth and Design and color so good smooth Lines, Safer for Use.Easy to wash.High-Temperature smooth, No flow, Longer Life. This space can be used and modified as the quality handle see fitting, making the basin a very soft variety. Unity of the important benefits of this variety of basin is that it will be very short and time-effective.
  2. They perform to be base, and if fixed in the corner they are open of the style and excellent to encroach on the space needed for other components of your bathroom.
  3. The range can be used and changed as the property folder views adjusted, making the basin a pretty and simple collection.
  4. The different real good of the wall-mounted sink is that it additionally gives the pressure of opportunity and makes a cutting table and tastefully pleasant situation.
  5. Wash with water and shampoo only. While not coming in the bowl area white.
  6. overflow chocked and bed odor. water deposit on the tap platform area and inside bowl area 

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