ALDO V-3007

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Brand: Varmora

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Ceramic Basin
Easy Installation
Eco Friendly
Germ Free
Water Saving

MATERIAL: ceramic,
Color-Finishes: Alaska White, Off white,
BASIN-SIZES: Standard-Basins (under 650mm),
Color: Finishes,


Brand Name:  Varmora 

Product Type: Wall Mounted Basins. 

Model Name: Aldo.

 Code No: V-3007.

SIZE: 575x400x137mm. 

Material: Ceramic. 

Color: Alaska-White, Off-White. 


Varmora sanitaryware is made to fascinate the expressions of spectators. its grandeur is such that it will leave you speechless. Every product is tailored with inspiring magnificence to attract strong attention and interest you will be amazed by the awe-inspiring aesthetic appeal of our product range. form raw material to the class of craft every varmora products is designed to epitomize the quality and purity. so much so that all you will be hearing in the appreciation.

  • Features: Easy Installation, Eco-Friendly, Germ-free, Water-Saving.
  • wall hung basin Material Quality is good. For a standard toilet, wall hung basin material Quality is ceramic.
  • the strong and Smooth Ceramic wash-Basins easy to install and clean.Smooth and Design and color so good smooth Lines,
  • Safer for Use.Easy to wash.High-Temperature smooth, No flow, Longer Life.
  •   Wash with water and shampoo only. While not coming in the bowl area white.
  • The flatness of parts getting fixed to the wall 
  • No gaps between the wall, floor, and the fitting portions of the sanitaryware.
  • Perfect fitting for a perfect look.
  • drawn-out rag bolts holes are elliptical, hence it is easy to install

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